We have 35 years experience as carpenters, 25 of which specialising in the production, design and installation of wardrobes.

Don Armario offers you a wide range of solutions for your home or business, where functionality is accompanied by good taste and elegance.

We know you want practical and, above all, personalised solutions. In shops you will find the solution you need for ordering and storing things, always with a touch of elegant beauty and meticulous technical details to offer you the most innovative solutions.

That is why we have pull-out shelves with gently sliding rails, as well as exclusive designs in handles and a wide range of finishes. They include the following technical details:

- Highly resistant bearings with protectors.

- Anti-derailment lower rails.

- Compensators for possible differences in height in the walls in two adjustable parts, with invisible magnets to make closing more hermetic.

- Mirrors attached onto a 13 mm board, with 3+3 laminated matte glass to prevent, in case of breakage, glass falling on the floor.

- Single piece raised areas of up to 2.10 metres, without any divisions, enabling greater capacity and accessibility.

- Exclusive system of handles, bearings and runners.

Everything to make life simpler.
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Lacado blanco brillo, luna negra, TV "32", sonido oculto.
Barnizado Teka, espejo plata, TV "32", sonido oculto.
Lacado blanco brillo, luna negra, TV " 32", sonido oculto, iluminación exterior por led (opcional)
Luna negra damasco, luna blanca damasco
Luna negra, luna blanca
Lacado blanco brillo, barnizado Teka, luna negra
Lacado blanco brillo, luna negra
Lacado blanco brillo
Lacado blanco brillo, incrustacion de acero
Lacado chocolate
Lacado Gris
Luna blanca Serigrafiada